From the recording Jesus Still Loves Me

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Don’t let the devil go to church with you,
Don’t let him sit beside you on the pew;
Just kick him out the door and say,
“Don’t come back no more!”
Don’t let the devil go to church with you.

He’ll tell you that the preacher,
preaches way too long,
And the choir director never sings your favorite song;
And those church musicians play their instruments too loud,
Just look at all the hypocrites sitting in the crowd.

Now there is nothing better old satan’d rather do,
Than go to church on Sunday,
to see what we’re up to;
How he hates for Christians to sing and shout and pray,
So look out for the devil or he’ll get in the way.

Now Satan’s always stirring up trouble in the church,
And he keeps it brewing by doing evil works;
Then when things start boiling oh how it pleases him,
Because some people let the devil go to church with them.