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What Others are Saying...

Candice Combs, CEO, Alpha Source Promotions
“What a pleasure to work with Common Bond Quartet!  These men are of the highest integrity and work at the highest level of professionalism.  They go beyond expectation!  As a bonus, they have fun and enjoy what they do!  Certainly God is honored with they interact with any size audience.  I thoroughly enjoy working with them and will hire them again and again!”

Teresa Sudlow, Midwest Seniors Conference, Catlin Church of Christ
“When I first contacted them a little over three years ago, I had no idea the blessing they would be to our conference and to me personally.  Rarely do we see men with such pure hearts and such a love for the Lord.  They are truly His servants, and we have been blessed to worship with them.”

Dale Gruver, Greenville First Church of God
“We enjoyed hosting CBQ.  The presentation of the Gospel was clear and the skill of their musicianship was pristine.  Common Bond is one of the tightest quartets I have ever heard.  We will be inviting them back."


Donn Sunshine, Wytheville Church of God; Virginia

“I have had the privilege of working with CBQ both as a pastor and as part of a music festival, and have found these men to be a tremendous blessing in both arenas.  My primary calling is as a pastor of a local church.  I have absolutely no reservations about turning an entire service over to the group.  They are men of God who not only do an awesome job singing, but are a blessing every time we have them.  The congregation loves having them as they bring such joy to the  service; and I love having them because their genuine love for the Lord blesses my soul.  I also coordinate the Sunday Gospel music for our community music festival.  These guys have been the crowd favorite year after year; and we book them every chance we get.  They selflessly give up their Father’s Day weekend, and in spite of the occasional rain shower, or heat, they sing their hearts out--to the delight of the community!”

A little history...

While the Common Bond Quartet has always recognized that they would not be the group they are today without the help and support of their families and so many others who have been instrumental in their development as individuals and musicians. Immediately prior to their coming together in 2009, original members Kevin Willis and Rick Melton had been a part of the group ‘One Bond’—which had been both a trio and quartet formed at the First Church of God in Mt. Sterling, KY. Bryan Stevenson and Mike Bradshaw had formerly been members of the quartet: ‘Commissioned’ that was a quartet formed in the First Church of God of neighboring Winchester, KY. In the fall of 2008, both quartets found themselves in a position of being short two members (due to changes in jobs or family responsibilities of their respective members) and each group was considering disbanding entirely. However, several of the members felt that God had not released them from the call to minister through music.

In early 2009, the four men met together to discuss merging; and in a very short period of time they each received a conviction and assurance that God had, for years been preparing each of them, individually, to the ministry to which He was now calling them. After much prayer, and through some unusual events which could only have been attributed to God’s handiwork, the men came to know that the Lord had brought them together to sing together, minister to others and ultimately bring glory to Him through their partnership. And so, Common Bond Quartet was created.

The four continued to sing together until the departure of Kevin Willis (tenor) in the summer of 2017. In 2018, Lee McCarren (tenor) and, Karen Melton (alto) joined the group. At the end of 2018, Bryan Stevenson (bass) resigned from the group and was replaced in early 2019 by Rick Towe. In the Spring of 2019, Mike Bradshaw (baritone) resigned due to health concerns, and a desire to spend more time with his family. Bill Petrea (baritone) joined the group in May of 2019. Unfortunately, again, due to health concerns, Bill was unable to continue to travel with the group, so the group brought on their current Baritone, Bob Melford.