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Moses said, “God you know, I’m a man who’s slow to speak.”
The calling was so clear, and though his faith was weak
Still he was the very one, that God had plans to use.
We’ve seen throughout the ages…He always seems to choose…

The most unlikely people, to (can) do the most amazing things.
Fishermen do miracles, and shepherds become kings.
I love the way that God uses, those who seem to be…
The most unlikely people, like you…like me.

It’s a book of countless stories of how God seems to love
The lost, the least, and those this world thinks so little of.
The overlooked and outcast, those forgotten among men
Just like the very ones the Savior drew so close to him.

We are messengers of mercy, and vessels of His grace
He uses ordinary lives, in extraordinary ways.

TAG: Oh, I love the way God uses, people… like you, like me.