From the recording Jesus Still Loves Me

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The lightning was flashing, the thunder was crashing,
The storm tossed their boat on the sea.
So close to drowning, their hearts began pounding,
While Jesus continued to sleep.

The disciples were crying, “Don’t you care that we’re dying?”
When He woke to the wind and the wave.
Said, “Peace be still.” The storm obeyed his will,
And all of them were so amazed.

Don’t That Sound like God,
He always comes through.
Does impossible things we can’t possibly do.
Always delivers the help that we need.
Don’t That Sound Like God?
It sure does to me.

When I’m down in the valley, dark clouds surround me.
All I can see are the trials.
I pray and God hears it, sends His sweet Spirit,
To walk with me every mile.

The storm may be raging, but my God is waiting,
To say, “Peace be Still,” to the wind.
He’s still the Lord, and He’s done it before,
So I know that He’ll do it again.