Bill Petrea

As the newest member of Common Bond, Bill Petrea (pronounced Petrie--"like the dish") is from Charleston, West Virginia. His early musical career started with the Salvation Army.  He's sung with several singing groups, but is also accomplished on the trumpet, having spent some time working at Disney World in a brass band. He has a fantastic ear for the harmonies and for the blend that is so important for a baritone. 

Prior to coming on board with Common Bond, Bill was a police officer. But, most recently (and currently) he is works with 9-1-1- operators all over the country

Bill met his wife, Pam, through the Salvation Army.  Pam currently works with kids in an after-school program through The Salvation Army (Boys and Girls Club of Charleston). They have one daughter, Sarah, who attends Marshall University--emphasis in Music / Band, of course!

In the past few years, Bill's ability to walk has been compromised due to a still undiagnosed condition.  He has been to see multiple physicians at various facilities, and his condition seems to continue to deteriorate.  We hope you will join us in prayer for Bill for "The Great Physician" to bring answers, and healing!