1. Keep Movin' On
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Many times I get downhearted.
As I go along,
Satan says you’re losin’ ground;
How can you sing a song?
Then a voice within me tells me
“Child, you’re not alone.”
I’ll be with you till the end
So, keep movin’ on.

Movin’ On.
Keep movin’, movin’, movin’,
I’ll keep movin’ on.
Movin’ On.
Keep movin’, movin’;
till the Lord shall call you home.
He promised to return again;
I know it won’t be long;
I am waiting for the day.
Thank God, I’m movin’ on.

I’ve got my suitcase packed up,
And my reservations made
I’m movin’ up to the higher ground.
My ticket has been paid.
I don’t have to worry
about being left behind.
‘Cuz when he calls my name,
I’ll be ready to go,
To my home on high.