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Believers have always faced perilous times;
Many forms of persecution--some have even died.
We’ve been through tribulation.
We walk through fire and flood.
This causes some to question: Is God, a God of love?

But there is nothing, really nothing.
That can keep us from God’s love.
I am persuaded.
Look at what He’s already done
Neither height nor depth, nor anything;
Death nor life, nor principalities;
Things present, nor things to come, shall separate us;
Shall separate us…from God’s love.

When I think of how far God reached;
To save my soul from sin.
From the depths of sin’s ocean, He pulled me to Him.
I thought my past would keep God, from reaching down in love.
But he looked beyond my failures; and saw in me, His son.

…Sun and Moon
This world from above
…But this gulf that separates us…
Could never keep us from God’s love.