Imagine a place full of darkness, danger, and where the nights are filled with terror and the days pass long and slow. No hope, no promise of a better life. Not so very long ago, the ancient kingdom of Cambodia was such a place—ravaged by the murderous dictator, Pol Pot. Under his regime, an estimated 2 million Cambodians died of starvation, execution, disease or overwork in what is now famously known as The Killing Fields. Pol Pot died in 1998, but the scars remain.

Since that time, Cambodia has tried to heal, but these humble, hardworking, loving people have been deprived of hope for so long! For nearly 20 years, The Power of Grace ministry has been sharing the Good News of the Gospel in Cambodia. NOW, through our distribution of FREE radios, Cambodians will have access to hearing the Gospel in their native tongue.

For a one-time gift of $50 you can send a radio as a beacon of light. The radios are solar or crank charged; AM/FM/SW or weather band; include LED flashlight; emergency light and siren; and thermometer. Entire communities sometimes gather around one simple radio to hear the Gospel Message as it is preached 7 days a week.

You may have heard this fall that the government revoked the licenses of several stations inside the country. Our stations, however, are located just outside the perimeter of the country and able to broadcast widely into the country--even reaching deep into remote jungle areas. Giving the gift of a radio has the potential to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ—the greatest gift ever!

Local Missions - Global Reach

Power of Grace Radio currently connects artists, speakers, authors, and churches with local Cambodian ministries to distribute radios that broadcast the Gospel through preaching and music in the Cambodian language.

Churches, groups, and individuals are encouraged to sponsor a radio for a one- time sponsorship fee.  Many people choose to sponsor multiple radios reaching even more Cambodians.  These sponsorships are used to secure the radios and distribute them through the local ministry teams on the ground throughout Cambodia.

Please prayerfully consider making a one-time gift, or a monthly donation to get these radios into the hands of those who may have no other means to hear the Gospel. 

Click Here to sponsor radios.